Discipleship Ministry-What is Discipleship?

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A disciple by definition is one who is a pupil or learner.
It is one who studies the ways of Christ to become more like Christ.  To discipline our attitudes and life ways to be like Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit.  Hence discipleship is the willingness to progress and grow to be more Christ-like.  I Peter 2:2:  “Like newborn babes, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation.”  NIV
II Timothy 3:16-17″  All scripture is given by the inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction  righteousness that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.  NKJV
We at Anthony Grove preach, teach, and lead by the Word of God to equip every person to serve and understand their purpose and service in life. Discipleship helps people seek their potential and purpose so they may be used to encourage and serve others in Jesus Christ’s Kingdom work.  This is done through small group settings that help people address issues in their lives where they can get Biblical answers to apply to real life situations.  Being a disciple and fulfilling the goals and purpose are very meaningful. 
How do we apply this?  By having current life issue classes where the help and encouragement of others is available.  Classes such as:
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Financial Peace University
Will begin on Sunday, April 15th at 4:30 pm at AGBC.

What if you could always buy what you need, interest free? What if you could actually keep a percentage of your paycheck? Guess what? YOU CAN! With Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, you can take control of your money. If you are interested in the class, contact Tom Witherspoon

12 Step Program for Men

Starting Wednesday, March 7th, at 6:00 pm, Clint Bouldin will be leading this life changing program for men. The 12 Steps with accompanying Scriptures and the 8 Principles based on the Beatitudes off er participants a clear path of salvation and discipleship; bringing hope, freedom, sobriety, healing, and the opportunity to give back one day at a time through Jesus Christ. Men, if you are interested in joining the program, there is a signup sheet in the breezeway.

Run For God 
Are you interested in getting fi t while maintaining a Christian focus? If so, please join us in preparing to run or walk a 5K in 12 weeks, while enjoying fellowship with others. The class will begin on Sunday, March 18th, at 5:00 pm. You can sign up for the class by going online at www.runforgod.com/class/run-for-god-anthonygrove. If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Blanton

Zumba Classes 

Come get fi t with Lee Ann Broach. Lee Ann is a certifi ed Zumba/Zumba Toning instructor. The classes are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings in room 213, the Children’s Church room, starting at 5:45 pm each night. The fee for the class is $30.00 per month or $4.00 per class. The $30.00 monthly fee is due on the first of the month. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Anthony Grove Baptist Church Building Fund. Bring a sweat towel and plenty of water! You may contact Lee Ann.

Basic Car Care101 

Unknowledgable about basic car care? This is for you. Have some knowledge? This is for you. The class will teach you how to know when to change the oil, check tires and tire pressure, look at transmission issues and how to maintain the transmission. Also, you will learn how to change a tire. The class teaches you what NOT to do and what TO do! The class will begin Sunday, April 22nd from 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm. It is a class for EVERYONE. If you have any questions, please see Tom Witherspoon.




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