Our PureDesire groups provide support and direction for those struggling with sexual addictions with the specific focus on those having difficulty with pornography. If you have been afraid that the church is the last place you can be honest, think again. We provide a caring atmosphere where you can be open and honest and not feel you are alone in your struggles. Confidentially is strictly adhered to.
All participants are required to sign a confidentiality statement that is witnessed by the group leader. In our groups, you will find people who are struggling with the same or similar problems that you are struggling with. You will soon develop a dynamic friendship with your group members. Indeed, lifetime friendships will be created. You want this and you need this.
The latest statistics reveal that every Sunday morning 68-70% of men, 30-35% of women and 58% of pastors in attendance either have a serious problem with pornography or are addicted to it. When we use the word ‘addiction’, we are referring to those who desperately want to stop viewing pornography but have been unable to do so. Our groups are specifically organized to address this serious problem. In addition, those with any other sexual addictions will find immense help with this program.
The next classes starts August 25th @ 4 pm We will have youth male, youth female, men’s and a class a women’s class for husbands having issues with addiction.
For more information:
Directions to the Church: 100 Anthony Grove Rd.
Crouse, NC 28033